Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Will Anwar take over Putrajaya?

Will Malaysia create a new political history? The rumours by certain quarters from time to time had been very near to be reality. It is just a miracle like a hot coffee in a one cup suddenly be a hotter without boiling. How can it be that?

I am thinking alone perhaps 50 years forward, my children will ask me about the character of charismatic leader Anwar Ibrahim. The legend leader will be summarised as most influential people in the text books history. Perhaps as well my children will ask me about the existence of Najib Razak. "Dad, who is Najib? Does he exist in this world?" I love history and once upon a time, when I bring my children to National Muzium, they will ask me unprecedented question. "Dad, i'm very curious of what UMNO really is? Is it acronym of premetive rule?" - "U Must Not Object"

As firmly mentioned by Dato Seri Anwar, he will for sure take over Malaysian government. Now the ways are these. Whether BN MPs will cross over to Pakatan Rakyat or the declaration of the re-election made. If the cross over happen, nobody can deny the right of association enshrined in Article 10 Federal Constitution. Judgment in Nordin Saleh case also had given a confirmation of that right.

But, if latter happen, can Pak Lah gain 2/3 majority as he obtained in previous game?

Whatever it is, we are now preparing ways of thinking for our future generations. Make them to be open minded in reforming what is wrong. So let us make it true....
Article written wholeheartedly by me in a very deep heart. Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz


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