Sunday, March 16, 2008

The NEP & future of hapless ruling party……

Anwar and his friends attempt to tell people on their economic agenda

While the opposition line up had resolved the impasse in all five coalition states, the ruling party still in the state of confusion regarding to the appointment of Menteri Besar in two states won by them – Terengganu and Perlis. The matters come worse when Jerlun MP Mukhriz Mahathir has sent official letter call for resignation to Prime Minister. The letter was followed by the “mischief act” of UMNO veteran leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah in arranging strategy to make the resignation of PM become reality.

In order to close the crisis, media is now trying to play with games by highlighting the failure of opposition alliance to reach a unanimous and collective say. Meanwhile, the hapless ruling party also attempt to play with provocative and seditious slogan, emphasizing on the importance of New Economic Policy (NEP) need to be conserved. As a result, an illegal demonstration had submerged Komtar area –Penang which the aim is to attract Malay-Penangites be with them. Unfortunately, the demonstration had drawn criticism from former Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Kon as not to adhere the policy of government – against demonstration.

We should address a question if they are really sincere to help the poor. I would like to give a comment on the policy introduced by Allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak Hussin. As following the spirit of social contract, NEP was introduced to rearrange the socio-economic condition in society by helping those who have a need (Malay). The main objective of the policy which supposed to be ending on 1991 is to achieve 30% of Malay equity in Malaysian economic growth. As a general, the function of NEP has to be supported as initially it’s working to eradicate abject poverty.

Later on, due to the transition of Prime Minister, the NEP was seems to be irrelevant. In terms of distribution of recourses for example, was not comprehensive. Therefore, all Malaysians were no longer having stake in sharing the wealth. By using NEP, millionaire Malays had been given a discount to buy a RM300,000 condominium and the poor Chinese and Indians including Malays were left homeless.

That’s why opposition contended that NEP was utilized by government as a shelter to cover corruptions, cronyisms, and abuse of power. In the same time, it is also an answer for the people on why NEP failed to help poor Malays in raising up their economic level.

Malaysia has reached 50 years old, we should bring a new breath of a fresh air for the sake of people. All people who are really in need are to be given attention. The grievances of these grassroots, should be taken into account and have to be given priority by the ruling government.

Therefore, this is what opposition needs to tell the people on their economic agenda.


eagle said...

come on brother...

oh yayaya

HiDUP NEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sumber emas kepada semua hak istimewa org Melayu

bila nak masuk sekolah
"saya melayu, malas belajar"
masuk sekolah asrama, kerajaan bayar semua

bila lahir anak 1/2 dozen
"saya melayu, tak tau perancangan keluarga"
kerajaan bayar bil anak belajar

nak beli rumah
"saya melayu, saya ade voucher discount"

nak beli saham
"saya melayu, nak sham special"
beli byk Amanah Saham

CGPA rendah, tak dapat kerja
"saya melayu, nak kerja senang"
diserap masuk jadi kakitangan kerajaan

Bila pergi GLOBAL
"saya melayu, nak buat bussiness di Britain"
Tony Blair kate "You suck, go away"

Ahhh ... hidup memang sedap selagi di negara sendiri .... lalalala
Dapat special discount semua benda.

lin said...


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