Friday, March 14, 2008

New formula for Perak

PKR, DAP and PAS have successfully achieved a new stage of solution after party leaders reached an amicable decision to reallocate the composition of the Perak state executive council (exco) posts last night. Previously, the delay of the swear-in process of Perak Menteri Besar was not due to Lim Kit Siang statement in his blog. Instead, it come from the PKR Deputy President statement Dr Syed Husin Ali regarding to disagreement of the composition of Exco post. He stated the composition should reflect the population of people of Perak which the slight majority is Malay and not the seats of party won.

Hence, DAP has compromised to lobby only 6 exco posts instead of 8 previously. PKR and Pas will get 3 and 1 respectively. With this new formula, all Malaysian especially Perakian should give full support of the new government agenda to eradicate corruption, abolish kronism, reduce abject poverty, overcome flagrant abuse of the "Tzar" unless if it show otherwise.


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