Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raja Petra detained....

May Allah open the heaven to shower him with lots of guidance - hidayah and love.
Lets pray for his strengh and courage so long as he serve as political prisoner.

I strongly disagreed with the manipulation of ISA by reason to protect Islam. As the facts shown there are a lots of avenues in terms of legal action may be taken. Why not A-G make a charge in the court of laws by using Syariah Enactments? Let me remind all of us that this kind of reaction will TARNISH THE IMAGE OF ISLAM. Nationwide will see the dictatorship of Islam potrayed by government despite it is too far from being existed by Prophet SAW.
Long live Freedom! Long live Raja Petra!


anakmalaysia said...

Salam saudara seagamaku,

rasanya elok baca artikel ini

Afham said...

we want justice..

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